​Spring'22    ECE 452 -  Advanced Computer Architecture II (3 credits)               New Jersey Institute of Technology


Course Objectives: Overview of recent advances and topics of current active research in the field of Computer Architecture. Includes new computing paradigms such as brain-inspired non-von Neumann architectures, stochastic computing, hybrid memory systems, and other architectures leveraging emerging memory technologies. Systolic array systems; new interconnect architectures including NoCs; GPU-accelerated computing, etc. are also discussed.

​Fall'21    ECE 451 -  Advanced Computer Architecture I (3 credits)                      New Jersey Institute of Technology


Course Objectives: This course focuses on advanced concepts in computer systems design, and the interaction between hardware and software components at various levels (i.e., hardware/software codesign). It introduces common performance measures and tradeoffs used by hardware and software designers to facilitate comparative analysis. The main topics are Technology challenges, Pipelining, Multicore architecture, Advanced memory technologies, Introduction to parallel computing, Domain-specific architectures, Analog neuromorphic computing architecture, and Digital in-memory computing.

​Fall'19    EEL 4362: Post-CMOS Devices and Circuits (3 credits)                         University of Central Florida


Course Objectives: To introduce state-of-the-art complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) technology and post-CMOS technologies including spintronic, Quantum-dot Cellular Automata, memristor, tunneling FET devices, and their applications in emerging memory, logic, and neuromorphic computing.